The Brothers Karamazov

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What is with the characters in this novel calling the other characters by their drawn-out, Russian names? It's almost as if they feel they have to emphasize their homeland of Russia through name-calling.

Also, just what is up with Fyodor (nice name, Dostoevsky) Pavlovich being such a menace to society, yet he thinks he can just sleep with whoever he wants, even Lizaveta? He's lucky he has some smart children come from his "handywork."

I'm confused about what Dmitri is trying to say through his allusions to poems and things in Chapter 3 of Book III. Can someone help?

The story is heating up as of Chapter 4 of the same book. Dmitri's story about Katerina is captivating and expected, considering the history of the Karamazov family and their means of tricking women!


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